Manage Electric Vehicle (EV) Parking at your Apartment Complex

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more popular, and increasingly affordable, and will soon be taking up spots at your apartment complex (if they’re not already). Managing parking spots, limiting guests, and accommodating multi-vehicle families was difficult enough before EVs got in the mix. A parking space used to be just a parking space. But what about a space with charger access? It’s the golden ticket for EV owners who rely on overnight parking and charging at their apartment parking lot.

But what happens when there are more EVs than chargers and spaces?

There is such a thing as EV etiquette, and it’s critical to inform your apartment community about best practices before an EV-induced fistfight breaks out in your lot. Here are some recommendations to get you started:

  • Let your residents know EV charging station spaces are TEMPORARY parking spaces.
  • Residents should move their vehicle as soon as possible after charging to make way for others.
  • Non-EVs should not park in EV charging spaces. Period.
  • Don’t unplug another vehicle, unless you have permission to do so.
  • Charge to 80 or 90% full, not 100%; this gives others the opportunity to fill up, and also preserves your EV’s battery.
  • Look into implementing an hourly parking permit for all EV charging station spaces. This will encourage users to only park as long as needed not as long as they want.

As EVs become more popular, consider adding more charging stations to your parking lot. Many states offer rebates for the installation of EV charging stations, which can help offset associated costs. Also, consider funding new charging stations by applying some of the monthly cashback you’re receiving through ParkM’s innovative permit system.

ParkM is simplifying your parking permit issues, one space at a time.