Online Parking Permits can solve your apartment community’s parking issues

Keys, codes, passwords, clutter.

The list of things to keep track of — or potentially misplace — grows exponentially on the daily. As a busy property manager, your apartment community’s parking permits are about to fall off the list. You, your residents, and their guests literally have nothing to lose with ParkM’s innovative system.

ParkM brings parking permits into the 21st century and places nearly all responsibility on your residents and guests. Permits are purchased online with a QR code via smartphone or a traditional web browser on your computer. Make sure your buyers can get there, and rest is up to them.

You set the rules: maximum number of vehicles per resident, how many days a guest parking permit can be valid, maximum number permits sold, etc. Residents and guests must abide by the rules, and this is just scratching the surface of the backend controls for property managers. The logistics gymnastics is out, making room for the ease and simplicity of managing your online parking permits. There are no physical permits to distribute (or lose or sell to another guest or resident). The permitting is tied to the vehicle’s license plate.downtown view of Denver with baseball field Online Parking Permits for Apartments

Oh, and the permits generate revenue. That’s right, you will solve your parking permit woes and make money.

Property managers can tend to other pressing matters rather than sitting behind a desk to ensure availability for cumbersome parking permits. You will receive a monthly check with the revenue generated for your community. Want to know more? Call now and speak to one of our customer service specialists: 800-980-7285. Simplified apartment parking is just one call away.