“ParkM has made my job so much easier! My rep did all the work to get my property set up so no extra work for me! They are also very responsive to towing disputes, so I don’t handle them at all. My residents were resistant at first, but when I explained the value in having professionally managed parking that helps ensure they have a spot to park, the majority agreed it’s worth the small cost. In an industry where it feels like everyone wants the on-site team to do more, it is so nice to know this huge part of the resident experience is one less thing we have to worry about.”
Maggie Jagger | Community Manager
Avilla Buffalo Run

“ParkM has been a lifesaver in the property management industry. For years, I have fought with towing companies and parking policies, but ParkM took that headache away! I no longer have to argue with residents or put my staff in a position to be the “bad guy.” ParkM helped organize our parking procedures, monitor our passes, and enforce towing when needed, including helping us find a towing company that better fits our property’s needs. ParkM staff always has amazing communication and customer service agents. They have treated our residents with respect and have always been there to help support the residents and the staff at the property. ParkM takes the parking tasks off of your daily plate of worries!
Ashley Morrell-Schneider | Assistant Business Manager
The Greens at Van De Water

“We started using ParkM about a year ago. Our parking issues and complaints have improved hugely! We are so thankful for the fast customer service we receive through ParkM. If any of our staff ever has a question, ParkM support responds within 10 minutes. It makes using this program extremely easy. We are thankful for all of you guys!
Trinity Rudisel | Property Manager
Parkwood Plaza & Continental Court 

Switching to ParkM has helped out so much with the parking situation at our property! Parking was becoming a serious issue and then we signed up to use ParkM and the staff is happy as well as the residents! It keeps the rules enforced for the residents, and there is a very organized system, so residents noticed a huge difference and are happy with the switch. Molly with ParkM has been fantastic with helping us get set up, answering any/all questions we have, and even came in to spend time with residents who had questions when it first rolled out. Highly recommend using ParkM if you want an organized parking lot and happy residents.
M2 Property Manager

We transitioned into ParkM and I cannot rave enough about how easy this transition was. We were coming off of three permit changes, and my residents were not happy! Sarah came in and held my hand the whole way! I was very apprehensive and nervous, as towing is NEVER easy at any community. My residents were already on edge, but Sarah took her time and explained everything to me twenty thousand times. Each question was met with gentleness, and I remember her saying, “This is helping us, and the system works for you the way you want it to work. I am here to make your life easier, not harder!” and she stuck to her word! Through each new task or upset resident, Sarah was there to help. She attended multiple events to help each person with questions. She took multiple things off of my plate so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed! This has been the easiest transitions I have ever done. I highly encourage you to use ParkM. It not only takes so much off of your plate but the support you will receive is like no other! I love Sarah. She is the best, so caring, and knowledgeable she truly made my experience the best there could be!
Samantha Corente | Community Manager
Bell Cherry Hills